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Live Training Series



"lessons learned so far, and considerations for the future"

These affordable and informative 90 minute online micro training sessions are designed to provide insightful and relevant training topics to a wide spectrum of industry professionals with the objective of enhanced reopening and returning to normal operations in the post COVID-19 era. The past year revealed how much people subconsciously rely on being able to see someone's mouth in everyday communications. Once that part of the face was obscured by a protective mask, determining mood, intention, subtle social cues, smiling and frowning became difficult, sometimes leading to miscommunications or confusing exchanges. This webinar focuses on how to use non-verbal communications as successful strategies for communicating in a mask to avoid misunderstandings and create positive interactions.

Woman with Paper Mask

TRAINING TOPIC UPDATE (JUST ADDED)- "what if my state lifts the mask mandate"?

                                                                            WHAT PARTICIPANTS WILL LEARN

Body Language -- What your stance, arm positions, and other body postures convey in a conversation 

Mask Psychology -- How the historical and social meanings of masks may affect our perceptions

Mask Wearing Profiling -- Checking our assumptions about people in masks

Eye and Facial Cues -- Using and reading eyes, eyebrows, forehead and head tilts as communication

Confrontation Diffusion -- How to course-correct when a communication gets heated from misunderstanding

Mask Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility -- Understanding how masks affect everyone

Positive Hand Signs and Response Gestures -- Implementing other ways of talking than speaking

March 16, 2021 1000am to 1230pm

March 18, 2021 300pm to 430pm

Meet the Presenters

Dan Pic.JPG

Dan Mathis Jr., CPP

CSSM Founder

Venue Safety and Security Expert

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Scott Rouse.JPG

Scott Rouse 

Body Language Expert

focused on Healthcare

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Lori Garza.jpg

Lori Garza 

Patron Services Manager

Denver Performing Arts Complex

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